1) Download the Trust wallet app.
Create an ETH wallet within the Trust WALLET app.

2) Fund your new wallet

3) Paste https://www.ethbot.io/394962
into the inbuild browser of trustwallet and Create a new Forsage account.

Write down your ID and affiliate link. (Or screenshot)

4) Go to https://forsage.app
Create an account
Upload your profile picture
Fill out the requested fields

5) send a message to mr. Che at the Forsage app website with your

ID and affiliate link and ask him to add you in the teambuild rotator.

In the mean time,  do some exploring at the Forsage app website.

Watch the videos.

When you need help, please reach out to me on facebook chat!

Goodluck and best Regards,
Martijn Jerome

Watch this video how to setup your Trust wallet